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Oh no… internet access to my laptop died pretty soon during the Glastonbury weekend, leaving my blog in suspended animation. So apologies to you for not sending updates as to events at the festival. I will write up the story of Shakti Sings’s adventures roaming the festival grounds, armed only with facepaint, stickers and a desire to sing, over the next week.

Me outside the press tent in the backstage area.

Me outside the press tent in the backstage area.


So I found myself backstage, as you do. My mission: to publicise Shakti Sings and Gaia’s Guardians as widely as possible.

Each day the press tent was a hive of activity, although more business was done on the lawn outside.

The Glastonbury press officers took me under their wing and explained how the system worked: I wrote press releases and posted them in the press tent to be picked up by interested journalists.


glasto 033

The BBC compound is sealed off from the rest of the backstage area. Somehow we found our way there, and Mark, also on our media team, handed some great footage of the choir’s performance at the Stone Circle at the opening ceremony over to BBC outside broadcast.

Backstage is more like Henley Festival than Glastonbury festivals. And yes, the best loos on site are here. They even have exclusive taps for journalists:

Exclusive press tap...

Exclusive press tap…

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