Glastonbury Workers – FAQ’s

In order to apply first read the application letter and fill in the application form online attaching your photographs and giving details that we will use to assess your application.
We will contact you as soon as possible.
Please get in contact with to discuss your ticket if you do not hear from us to let you know where your application is within 2 weeks. The closing date for applications is April 10th and you should have heard from us by then.
But remember Glastonbury Festival will also have to check you out. We also reserve the right to politely say “no” to you if for any reason we find that you are not suitable.

When will I get my ticket?

You will receive your ticket by recorded delivery at the beginning of June. Please make sure you give the correct address and are ready to sign for the letter when it arrives or arrange for someone to be at your address. We will put out the time of delivery in the newsletter and on social media.

What should I expect?

Please don’t expect to be able to see all the bands and stay up all night partying, drinking and not be ready to work. You are an important part of the team and the success of the festival and your work should be your priority. Your role requires a commitment to team work, getting involved and working with people from all backgrounds. You will be expected to account for your work, and what you have witnessed out there in the festival. You might have to report to senior staff at the festival office. You will have to sign in and out of each shift. You will have time to enjoy events and the festival too.

How do I get there?

Travel by train, bus or share vehicles. We can’t provide transport for you. Try and find others who are driving down and share the journey with them. Join our Shakti Sings Facebook group and talk to other members to arrange transport together. We encourage members to use Freewheelers, the journey sharing website. In general the Glastonbury Festival website is the best source of mainstream information. For more information about getting to the festival go there. We are integral to the green sustainability message of the festival and urge all members to use public transport and lift shares to get to events.

Can I bring a vehicle?

Passes are LIMITED. Make sure you apply for a car parking pass on your initial application. If you didn’t put it down on your application it is unlikely we can get it later. Also be aware that vehicle queues to get into the site in the days leading up the festival can be several hours and the car parks are often a half-hour or significant walk from our campsite. Take as little as possible with you as you may have to carry it for several miles. Please share your journeys wherever possible!

Can I stay in my van?

No… You can’t bring any onsite vehicles in this field, sorry.

Are tents provided?

This is a camping experience; please bring a small tent and bedding, etc. Space is very, very limited. If you need advice see the Glastonbury website. We have better facilities than most people with access to good showers, onsite refreshments, cafe and covered areas.

Should I bring wellington boots?

Yes! Even a small around of rain can turn the venue into a mud bath. Without wellies you will not be able to walk around if it gets muddy.
You will not be insured to work without adequate footwear, including boots and wellies. You must be safe when walking around the site. We recommend that you purchase insoles in advance for your wellies, they really do make a difference, especially in the cold!

Can I bring my own alcohol onto the site?

According to the official Glastonbury Festival website, you can bring enough in for personal use, anything else will be confiscated. Illegal substances, such as drugs, are illegal on site too.

Terms & Conditions – please read these carefully.

Any personal data you provide to us in applying to be, or acting as, a volunteer for Glastonbury Festival will be dealt with If you fail to complete all of your shifts as a volunteer in accordance with our terms and conditions (or otherwise breach them), your identification details may be disclosed to organisations providing other services at the Glastonbury Festival for their future reference.

What data do we collect about you and and why?

All the data we request in the application process is essential to employing you at the festival. In addition we record the details recorded on the on-site registers that tell us which shifts you completed and also any further information you choose to give us while on-site (if you ask for it to be recorded). Glastonbury Festivals are registered to collect information under the Data Protection Act.
If you want to unsubscribe at any time you can request that we remove your data from our records by contacting Otherwise your data will not be shared with anyone for any purpose.

How will we contact you?

We’ll communicate with you mostly by email but sometimes by phone, text messaging or post. Most of our communication will directly concern your work with us and will contain important information. We may also contact you to invite you to apply again in future years or to make you aware of similar work opportunities at Glastonbury Festival. If you have any further questions please email

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