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Gaia’s Guardians are a group of volunteers who seek to protect our rivers, oceans and land. There is an abundance of literature and research about the state of our natural environment and many campaign groups seeking to change opinions and behaviours – this is an important part of changing or relationship with the Earth, but our approach is to touch people’s hearts and make people conscious stewards of the earth through song and sacred interaction. We hope to persuade others to help create and hold sacred spaces, recognising the inherent purity of the Earth and its rivers and oceans. We work at festivals and events, creating ways to interact with the public that touch their hearts and connect them to the Earth. Shakti Sings is part of our overall programme, singing at public events to raise consciousness. You can become a Gaia Guardian. We welcome new volunteers – join us!

Shakti Sings is the national choir that was born from Gaia’s Guardians.

‘Being a part of Shakti Sings is an honour. We share such a range of experiences in the music, dressing up in all our funniest and finest and performing in all conditions. The songs we learn, with much humour and kindness, are wonderful as are our lovely, amazing choir leaders. and loving community which so many other opportunities have grown out of. Thank you.’ – Karina, 23

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