Worship of Nature as the Divine Mother

Worship of Nature as the Divine Mother

The worship of nature as the Divine, Gracious and Compassionate Mother lies in the hearts of many people.

Human feelings of awe, inspiration, exaltitude and a deep and divinely inspired connection to everything when in nature at Her most illuminated, blossom deeply from a meeting with our Mother.

Our Mother is abundant, feeding and clothing Her beings and creatures every single day. All of us who are filled with good food each day and living in safety and natural abundance have so much to be thankful for.  Her creativity, ingenuity and wisdom are incredible, and humankind has barely scratched the surface in our understanding of Her complexity.

All of us who then notice Her astonishing beauty in any form in Nature and then speak with Her in a personal and direct way begin the journey of worship towards the Goddess.

The Goddess of Nature has many sisters and daughters. She is found in a multitude of stories, myths, visions, writings, poetry and conscious spiritual practises; there is no end to the ways She is honoured.

All living creatures, that share the Earth, that partake in the wonder and exhilarating, dangerous and fecund world know Her in their hearts. They see Her in different ways and experience Her best in total silence, no language seems brilliant enough to explain Her to another.

Nature is the Holy Mother Divine in living form, right in front of our eyes. We have been sitting on Her, watching Her, eating Her, plucking Her, digging Her, riding, loving, birthing, pulling, bleeding, churning and dying in Her all this time.