What to do with your waste on Worthy Farm


Back of House -­ Production and rear market areas.

Waste from non-public areas is collected throughout the day staring at 04:00. Please make sure there is nothing blocking our access to the skips or pens at any time.

Skips:  there are two types of skip – one for “non-recyclable waste” and one for “food waste”. The contents of the food waste skip will be composted, so please don’t contaminate it.

Recycling Pens: usually sited next to the skips, these are divided for cardboard and green bags. Cardboard must be flattened and neatly stacked – it’ll be emptied by hand. Bars can make stacks of used cups and place them in this section.

Green bags are for bottles and cans. Replacement bags are available from market and production offices, or campsite stewards. You can also call our on-site office to arrange a delivery.

Three types of bags are made available to everyone on site to dispose of their waste. It’s very important that these are used only for the material intended. This is written on the bags, so it’s easy to get right:

green bags
• Tins and cans
• Plastic bottles
• Glass bottles

white cornstarch bags
• Raw food
• Cooked food
• Paper plate, cups and bowls
•Wooden cutlery

black bags
• Non-recyclable waste

Public Areas

Reclaimed oil-drums are used as public bins. These are topped to indicate what they’re for:

green -­‐ for cans and bottles

Brown -­‐ for food waste

Black -­‐ for non-­‐recyclable waste

These are set out in groups dependent on what kind of waste we expect  in that area. These bins are emptied or exchanged by vehicle crews each day, usually more than once. Servicing of bins begins each day at06:00 from Thursday 27 June.


The bulk of litter is cleared each day by the morning litter team. Staffed mostly by volunteers, the team sort recycling as they collect the litter. Teams operate 06:00 – 12:00 each day staring on Thursday 27 June. Much smaller teams continue to work in the afternoon, covering problem spots. Tel: 01749 681195

Build Period

Before the festival a lot of waste is produced, and we aim to capture as much material to recycle as possible. If your area is producing a type of waste that we’re not already aware of, please let us knowin advance, if possible, or once you’re on-site. Skips are placed around the site and it’s ok to use them. Our team will be in your area to site skips and pens and advise on waste disposal. From Monday 24 June there is a large team dedicated to informing traders in the markets.

After the festival clearance

Returning the festival site to usable farmland is something that can’t happen quickly enough. Your  co-operation is vital. Please plan your get-­out with the same level of priority as your build. Please make sure structures are removed early and infrastructure properly dismantled. While you remain on site you will carry on producing waste, so make sure you continue to handle it properly and use the recycling systems as before.


All of the waste we collect from around the site is brought back to our Recycling Centre at the top of family camping. Once there it is sorted and screened and disposal is arranged. Almost all the material sent for recycling will remain in the UK, and it is a priority of ours to maintain this.


We urge everyone involved in the organisation and construction of the festival to reduce the amount of waste they produce. Consider which materials you choose, and the packaging they arrive in. Don’t invest in single-use items – it’s a waste. Things like furniture and decor should only be brought on-‐site if you plan to remove it again at the end, ideally to store and  then reuse. We try to find  new homes for abandoned items, especially camping equipment, but we urge you to take your equipment home.

We recycle as muchof the waste as is practical. Help us by disposing of it in the right place.
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Radio: via Event Control

Telephone: direct to out on-­‐site office 01749 681195

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