Shakti Sings for Worthy FM

I’m loving my press officer job. Popped down to the Pyramid Stage backstage area to get my press pass this morning… Cool!

Before that, I went with Bernadette Vallely and six singers, led by Susie Ro, to Worthy FM to take part in Gemma’s Shades of Green show.

Worthy FM 002

Bernadette was the originator of Glastonbury’s Green Police, and now Gaia’s Guardians have taken on that role: to make people aware that littering, dropping fag butts and peeing on the ground is damaging to the festival. Bernadette told Worthy FM listeners about how to Love the Farm and Do No Harm.

Worthy FM 014

Then, in the tiny studio, which was getting pretty hot and sweaty, Shakti Sings sang, filling the airwaves with beautiful and poignant harmonies.

Worthy FM 015

Above, Susie Ro, Rebecca and Elise.



Worthy FM 024

Michael and Nick

Michael and Nick


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