The long and winding road

If you, like me, had a difficult journey between your car and your camping spot, then you have my sincere sympathy!

Yesterday Gaia’s Guardians arrived on site, but most of us were directed to a car park which was so far away from our communal camp site it took us an hour to walk there. My ruse of tying my heavy bag and tent onto an old skateboard with binder twine and then pulling it along, would have been a good one – on a short length of tarmac. 100 fields later, it was getting rather tiresome, and that was only the first load!

In the end, we drove our car nearer, ignoring the shouting of the stewards, and plonked our car a mere 15 minutes away…

Shakti Sings welcomes people to the festival, with the message, Love the Farm!

Shakti Sings welcomes people to the festival, with the message, Love the Farm!

But now¬† all Gaia’s Guardians are together, and our choir, Shakti Sings, ‘are in fine voice. I can hear them now, singing to weary, bag-pulling arrivals to the site at Pedestrian Gate B. I wish last night I had some inspirational singing to give me extra strength to go for more loads, put my tent up, and sort out my belongings.

Shakti Sings are here to remind us all to bin our rubbish – especially toxic cigarette butts – and to use the toilets as the only place to pee. As the site fills up with more and more revellers, litter is starting to appear. Let’s not let is spoil the festival.

For a most iconic and inspirational Glastonbury experience, join Shakti Sings at the Stone Circle tonight at 9. It is the festival opening ceremony. We aim to get 4,000 people singing along with us! And the message to love the farm, leave no trace, will become our mission.

See you there!

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